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19-04-2014, 01:35 PM
Hi all ... hope you're having a great Easter break with fast internet, Skyping family and friends, watching your favourite movies, downloading illegal videos & music ... and whatever else you may do on the net.

I've past my data cap with Xtra and they've cut me off ... almost. I was warned and forgot to tell other users on the network, unfortunately, it's going to be another 2 days before I get life blood flowing at full strength again ... Bugger !

Anyways, I went onto the Xtra site and did a speedtest and low and behold, it told me I was downloading at 8Mbps which is about normal on our shitty ADSL connection, and uploading at .8Mbps, again about normal.

Went over to Speedtest.net and did another one ... now for those of you who are familiar with Speedtest.net, the "rainbow connection" between the little man and the pyramid was slow, showing only .2Mbps, droping a further .1 as his ball did the slowest uphill race I'd watched in a long time AND Dunedin has the steepest street in the world (true ... Google it). I was watching the little mans ball getting slower and slower as it neared the summit of the rainbow, urging him on to make it to the downhill side and pick up a little speed.

No such bloody luck ... his ball got stuck with only millemeters to go. I was down to zero, waiting five minutes for him to take a couple of Viagra and a Red Bull ... Nada, he was out for the count :mad: obviously an Aucklander as a Southern Man would have walked over broken glass (probably left over from the party the previous night in the wild boar wrestling competition) to get over and down to the finish line.

Now some of you may be asking why there is such a difference between the two sites ... I'll let you into a little secret ... Xtra cheat !! I went back and did the test again, exactly the same result and I do mean EXACTLY ... not only were the speeds identicle, the line graph at they show had exactly the same peaks and troughs ... I BLOODY DENTICLE ... !!

I used to think the old dial up connections were truely amazing when they first came out ... watching the page load in 1" strips was just as good as going to the movies and watching a suspence thriller like Jaws or Friday the 13th ... you never knew what was coming and waited with popcorn, coke and baited breath while the page slowley exposed itself like a stripper in slow motion.

Well I can tell you my friends ... dial up beats the crap out of my "tortoise on weed" ADSL connection. Oh for the old days of whistling, crackling, off key, annoying "handshakes" ... so fast ... such joy.

Happy Easter peoples ... I hope you find your Easter eggs in the place you want them to be. (think about that) :D

19-04-2014, 01:49 PM
Yup I've seen a number of broadband connections, that have hit their cap, and been slowed down to "dial-up" speed.
Supposedly 64k they say I think but they've all been pretty much unusable once that happens and are very much slower than a dial up connection.

20-04-2014, 11:18 AM
They don't throttle you to their own website coz they want you to still be able to get there to buy stuff and look up support. Because they host it and it doesn't have to leave their network, you should always get your Max line speed there.