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19-02-2014, 05:29 PM
How do I start the programme? When I click on it I get the message that its switched off and I have no idea how to switch it on.

Speedy Gonzales
19-02-2014, 05:53 PM
It does that sometimes, (used to do it when I removed MSE in Win7, because it doubled the boot time), why I have no idea. Try rebooting see if that fixes it. Then update windows again. There are updates after 8.1

19-02-2014, 06:01 PM
Are you in Win8? I understand that in 8, if you have an antivirus installed, Defender will not install as it has an antivirus component in it that would clash with your antivirus.

Speedy Gonzales
19-02-2014, 06:04 PM
Win 8 comes with windows defender. You can't install security essentials. But you can install anything else

19-02-2014, 06:07 PM
Windows 8 or 8.1 will auto disable if another antivirus is installed and you cant turn it on.

Usual reason:
If the other AV is uninstalled and Defender doesn't turn back on after a reboot its generally because the previous AV has left components behind.

What you sometimes have to do is manually turn it on.

W8 /8.1 go to the start tiles. type in Action Center open security and see if teh option to turn it on is there.

An article http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/21962-windows-defender-turn-off-windows-8-a.html

19-02-2014, 06:41 PM
Thanks guys. I have the stupid trial version of Nortons - was reluctant to uninstall it until I got Defender running first. Guess I'll; do it the other way round.

19-02-2014, 07:13 PM
Run "Nortons' removal tool" to get the lot.

20-02-2014, 06:32 AM
How do I start the programme?

Why bother? It's pretty useless too.
Get something decent instead.

20-02-2014, 07:51 AM
Sorted - uninstalled Norton and Defender is now active.

20-02-2014, 08:22 AM
I am glad I came upon this thread, I have a friend who has McAfee installed on his Windows 8.1 machine. McAfee trial is about to expire and he wanted to be reassured that Windows Defender would automatically kick in.
I told him I don't know for certain, but to remove McAfee, and have a look in the Action Center and see if Defender is switched on.
He tried to remove McAfee through Programs and Features but it would not go! He is pretty much a techphobe, so I guess he is missing a step somewhere. I might have to go there and sort it for him.

I'll try to get him to buy Nod 32, but he is a pensioner and can't afford much.


Speedy Gonzales
20-02-2014, 08:51 AM
Use the removal tool to remove Mcafee (http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101331)

20-02-2014, 09:15 AM
Why bother? It's pretty useless too.
Get something decent instead.

Actually I think it's fine, if you read the comparison's in detail it does catch pretty much all the real world viruses. I'd rate it as OK or Adequate and supplement it with an occasional scan with MBAM and maybe an online anti-virus scanner but it's far from useless in my opinion. Sure the Likes of NOD32 is better but if you want free and you practice some common sense with your PC Defender/MSE does an OK Job.

I've only used free anti-viruses for years and had very little trouble. The couple of times something has happened I can track to my own stupidity with clicking things I know I shouldn't. On the other hand if you are not great at fixing things when they go wrong having the best possible protection makes sense. I'm always prepared to wipe windows and start over if I have to. All it costs me is time so I stick with the free ones.

20-02-2014, 09:33 AM
Actually I think it's fine.................... I'm always prepared to wipe windows and start over if I have to. All it costs me is time so I stick with the free ones.My thinking too.

20-02-2014, 04:03 PM
Use the removal tool to remove Mcafee (http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101331)

Ok, thanks Speedy.

LL :)

Speedy Gonzales
20-02-2014, 04:12 PM
No probs :)