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09-12-2001, 04:19 PM

I would appreciate peoples views on AVG. People on Zdnet and Cnet seem very positive about the product, but some mentioned having problems installing the Anti-Virus utility. Anyone else find this or any other problems. The web site
http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index.html mentions a plugin for Outlook express 5, is this included in the AVG 6.0 download??


09-12-2001, 05:37 PM
Hi Nathan,

I switched to AVG from Norton Antivirus, as I was having loads of problems with Nortons, and now I am a very happy AVG user. I've been using it for probably half of this year, and it has been very effective (stopped I don't know how many viruses) and seems to load quickly as well. The plugin for OE5 is there, and it works in MS Outlook as well.

Probably the only downside is that they only update about once a week, although recently they did an extra one, I think with either the Badtrans or Goner viruses.

I haven't had any problems installing it, and I've installed it a number of times now. I think if anybody has had problems installing, it's probably due to an error during the download.

I'd definitely recommend AVG to anybody.

09-12-2001, 07:40 PM
its very good. have a few mates running the free ver. the paid ver has a few extra optoins and more regular updates then the free ver.

10-12-2001, 07:58 AM
Yes I would recommend it, it can put a date stamp at the bottom of the Email so others getting your Email can see if there is a newer update out yet. I think the latest database is 04-12-01 But I still got done by a virus. Someone sent a virus just a couple of days before the AVG 24-12-01 release.

10-12-2001, 12:49 PM
I have set up this program in four schools in the district and prior to this was using Norton 2001 and PCcillin It has proven to be ideal for the task, it only requires one download of the update and the client computers 'see' the update and update themselves automatically, All this for free (to the schools)

13-12-2001, 11:22 PM
I have been using AVG for a few months now and have been very happy with it, it has caught many viruses from normal files to incoming emails, every one i have put on the AVG have been happy with it too. As for installation not one problem and the update works really well.

14-12-2001, 11:47 AM
Thanks for all the replies, I will give AVG a go.