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09-12-2001, 02:18 PM
I recently bought a new pc with windows xp which wont allow me to play older games, even some compatible with 98.Can someone point me to or give me a guide on how to dual boot xp and 98 so i can use this older software?The program compatability wizard doesnt work.
p4 1700
1 gig ddr ram
nvidia card
windows xp
thanks everybody!

09-12-2001, 05:15 PM
hi Michael,

it will be difficult if you only have a recovery CD for your system (rather than a full install cd of XP).

If you have a full CD and are prepared to start from scratch you could do it this way:

First boot the Win98 setup floppy. Use FDISK to delete all existing partitions.
Use FDISK to create 2 Partitions in the harddrive. C: for Win98, D: for WinXP.
Format partition C: and install Win98 on it.
Next Run the XP setup and install it on D: opting to format it with NTFS.

If you have a recovery CD only:

Locate/borrow an XP compatable version of Partition Magic. Use it to shrink your C: drive creating unpartitioned space. Use disk administrator to create a partition and format it as FAT32. Boot off the Win98 disk and use 'SYS D:'
Start XP
Take the Read Only attribute off C:\Boot.ini and open it in notepad. Add the line

D:\ = 'Windows 98'

Save it and reapply the Read Only Attribute. If you can't find it you need to enable viewing hidden files.
Boot off Win98 startup disk and install Win98 on the D: drive.
You should now be able to pick your OS from a boot menu.

I've never used the partition magic technique, so I don't make any promises about it.

!!!Make sure you backup precious files and other usual warnings!!!