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09-12-2013, 01:43 AM
Hi all.
I've got a Asus all in one desktop running Windows 8. I connect to the net via a wifi router which up till now has been good, always connected. Just after the latest window update (which i didn't ask for) I started having connection issues. The status shows that I'm connected but nothing happens. After a few minutes it asks me to connect, I always click the connect automatically box but it never stays connected. A real pain... sometimes it's 5 - 10 minutes before I can connect.

Any idea's.

Thanks Dave

09-12-2013, 10:07 AM
By any chance was one of the updates .NetFramework

09-12-2013, 01:14 PM
I have no idea what the update was. I was working away on the computer, went off to make a coffee, came back and it started doing it's update. Can't even remember it asking me. Just thinking about it, some time ago when 8.1 was released I tried to update but nothing happened. This was probably the update finally starting! A bit late....

So any idea's on how to sort this out?

Thanks Dave

09-12-2013, 01:51 PM
Why not use System Restore to go back in time before the update and see if the problem goes away, I think you can always re-restore again back to the point you are now if you desire or just re-update.

09-12-2013, 05:18 PM
is it a Technicolor VDSL router from Telecom?