View Full Version : Windows Live Mail 2012 messing up email header against wrong email body!

29-11-2013, 11:05 AM
My Windows Live Mail is going nuts. Some emails looked ok in the list view but show errors in the preview pane, some of these email did still open if I double click to open it properly. Then it started leaving deleted email iin the list view which it couldn't show in the preview pane, that's ok, I knew I just deleted them moments ago, so I just delete them again.

Now some of the emails end up with different contents after they have been dragged to a storage folder, content from a completely different email, not in a related thread. I opened a new email this morning and hit reply and it went to a totally random email address from my contact, this contact has nothing to do with this particular email. I only found out when she replied to my email saying it was sent to her by mistake, thank goodness there wasn't any sensitive info in the email.

I have compacted the database, set it to compact every 1 run. Might have to export all the email and re-import them, but that would be a nightmare, as WLM create another level of folder structure when importing email and I have to then individually drag each (hundreds) folder back to the right level. Grrrrr

Might have to switch to using Outlook which I dislike as I spent half my life fixing other people's Outlook problem, WLM is so much simpler when it "used" to work flawlessly. Plus, I have seen similar problem in Outlook XP and Outlook 2010 before too, never got to the bottom of that problem. In that case, PC was reloaded from clean, email was imported, then re-exported, removed Outlook XP, installed Outlook 2010 then re-import the email, but problem still presisted.

29-11-2013, 11:52 AM
Have you checked for malware.

29-11-2013, 07:58 PM
Have you checked for malware.

Yes, it s a pretty clean machine. I have seen a few threads on the net about people having similar problem, but they usually suggest running the compact database to fix it.
I probably will have to export all the email and re-import them, sigh. Oh well, time I clean up the massive amount of email anyway, but haven't got time for that right now though. >_<