View Full Version : Samsung Laptop - Can't Access UEFI

17-11-2013, 12:57 PM
Hello all

I have a Samsung NP350V5C notebook running Windows 8, and I did something that in hindsight was quite stupid. Ever since I got this laptop I've wanted to dualboot it with xubuntu, however I heard that there was a bug with the UEFI where, basically, you can brick the laptop by booting Linux (this bug can be triggered through Windows as well.) Well, I decided to go ahead with installing it anyway, as the linux module that triggers the bug has apparently been blacklisted. I entered the UEFI, disabled secure boot, rebooted, and I could still boot Windows. I then reentered UEFI setup and set the boot mode to "UEFI/Legacy", so in theory I should have been able to boot Windows 8, and boot off a memory stick. Well, I rebooted, and the laptop couldn't find a valid operating system. So I rebooted and tried to get into UEFI setup again, and now I can't! Fortunately for me I had Ubuntu Linux installed on a memory stick, which as a last ditch desperation attempt I plugged in and successfully booted off it. And it appears to not have broken anything, yet. <touch wood!>

Does anyone know how you can enter UEFI setup again? I'm a bit out of my depth here, so if you can help, I would really, really appreciate it! :)

17-11-2013, 01:12 PM
Crisis averted, I managed to get into setup mode again. I discovered that if you press F10 at boot (when you've got a bootable flash drive plugged in), you can use that to get into setup mode. So it's fixed! :)