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08-12-2001, 04:48 PM
Help: I have been on holiday for three weeks and have a friend who has been house- sitting for me. During his time house-sitting he thought he'd surpirise me by updating windows media player 7.1 by installing a pirated version of windows media player 8 (the idiot didn'y know that it is only designed to function on XP systems) onto my 98 SE system. I believe that he has corrupted some inportant system files as I have tried to reinstall wmp 7.1 numerous times only to have it open, but not play files. Everytime I install it, it runs through the setup process but then says that the setup has failed. It fails to uninstall the components as well, and even though it says it has, I can still open wmp.

Anyway, after much installing and uninstalling worrying and repeated yelling and shouting at my friend, I need help. My windows 98 SE CD says that its version of setup cannot update my computer and that I should consult the microsoft website for windows updates (this was an attempt to replace system files that were damaged - I didn't know what else to do). I don't know of any other ways to replace the system files damaged by the stupid wmp version 8! I have also tried installing several previous versions of wmp in an attempt to replace files but it has failed.

Please help.

08-12-2001, 09:45 PM
Since you have a bit of a mess, it may be worth trying System File Checker which scans through the system files for altered files and corrupted files. Problem is that if you never use it, it will turn up loads of changes from way back which may not make sense to you or be related to media player.
You can get to it from Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Information-Tools-System File Checker.
At least it offers the possibility of restoring files from your CD.
If all else fails you may need to re-instal your OS, what a pain.