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08-12-2001, 04:33 PM
I have a problem: I used to have windows 98 set up so that there were two users who could access their own customized desktop settings, documents and otherwise. I recently deleted both users from the 'Users' application in 'Control Panel' because I wanted to allow everyone access to the same settings (just one windows logon name and password). I created a windows password to be used when logging on to windows but I find that when windows requests my username and password before allowing me access to my desktop, that I can simply plug any old name or password into it and it will allow access. It will ask me to confirm the new password so that it can be used from then on as my windows password. If I logon using any old username the computer creates a .pwl file in the 'system' directory and 'system.ini' file according to that username (even if I didn't put a pasword in). The .pwl's continue to build up each time I put a bogus username in (I was testing it) so that I end up with a whole lot of username .pwl files I don't want amongst my 'sytem' files.

I am sure that windows should not allow such easy access to my desktop...should it?

Please tell me how I can ensure that my windows 98 logon will only accept one password and username.

08-12-2001, 04:44 PM
Welcome to the world of Windows 98 Security!

If I understand you correct, you wish to have a password protected system.

Unfortunately Windows cannot offer you this, however, you may be able to set a password to access your PC when it is turned on. This is usually available through the BIOS settings, accessed by pressing del when the prompt says on boot-up.

Look for a password setting.