View Full Version : VPN ... assistance please

18-10-2013, 06:03 PM
Hi peoples

Just wondering whether someone can help me with setting up a VPN. I have never used one, but have an account with a with a very well known company in the US and they are offering me "something" at no cost ... being excluded due to location and have heard that setting up a VPN may be the best way around it.

Don't know what, where, or how to go about it ... and because there are so many "this is the best" VPN when you Google it, not sure of what's good and what's not ... if someone can recommend one and help me set it up, I would be extremely grateful.

BTW ... this has NOTHING to do with prn ... it's totally legit apart from the location exclusion. OK ... so that probably rules it out from being 100% legit, but I'd say it was still in the high 90's. Get your minds out of the gutter guys and girls ... I know what you were thinking and I'm not THAT sort of person !

Thanks to anyone that can help me out.