View Full Version : Hardware or Software that is the ???

08-12-2001, 09:27 AM
I have a PC company computer with a Athlon 1000, GeForce2 graphics card.I'm having a problem downloading Emails with attachments larger than about 750kb to 1Mb,it just won't download them into outlook express.I,v had the phone lines checked twice,the pc has been back to the shop twice about this problem.The first time it came back it was downloading big attachments, but would'nt remember any of my dialup passwords. So i was directed to the techline for pc company pc's.After many phone calls and several operator's we managed to jam it up so bad it had to go back to the pc company again.The pc company had to completely reload the system.It came back working fine untill i tryed to download a big attachment with outlook express, and no way! would'nt download it?.In all the computer has been back to the pc company 5 times in three mounths of owning it for different things, so the pc company has decided to build another CPU up for me. It's been 3 weeks now, the pc company must be very busy at this time of year.So i find myself still useing this pc, and still can't download the 3+Mg MP3s my mates send me.I have to go always to my Mailbox and download them. Or the big files time out outlook express all the time, and i can't get the small Emails behind them in my Mailbox.I have 3 ISP, XTRA,IHUG,ACTRIX and the same time out problem is on all my ISP's. Outlook Express or Computer???.{ Someone PLEASE!.}