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08-12-2001, 07:31 AM
I am looking at setting up a Personal Web site, to give an area for downloading screensavers, wallpaper etc. from. (This is a Personal site only - not to sell from).
I want to look at one of the overseas Web Hosting sites like 'Freewebz' or similar as they offer more space than any of the NZ Hosts. A lot of them offer the option of 'Registering' a Domain Name at a reasonable price, while at there site. (giving a .com address) The sites state that I would own this Domain Name and can transfer it at any time.
Can anyone tell me if this is safe to do or am I going to cause myself any sort of problems?
I have looked at NZ Web Hosting sites but they are catered more for Buisness than personal use. Yes I know that my ISP gives space but that is very small amount.


08-12-2001, 10:15 AM
The free sites give you a name like www.geocities.com/homepages/.... They're quite long generally. However, there are other sites like Worldbreak (where I had one once) which give you a name in the format www.yourname.worldbreak.com. Much easier to handle. Getting this sort of name is free. If you want www.yourname.com (or .co.nz) you will need to pay for that. Don't know the pricing for .coms but .co.nz is $83 the first year and $50 something each year after. For .com names you can use someone like register.com, and for .co.nz go to www.domainz.co.nz. I use Paradise Net as my ISP and host. Costs me $10/4 weeks for hosting a commercial site.