View Full Version : Brower's font size.

08-12-2001, 12:48 AM
How do I change the browser's font size?? Right now is so small that it's really hard to see, and that's for most of the websites. Plz don't ask me how it got so small...I dunno...
but if u can tell me how to make it bigger it will be greatly appreciated...

P.S. I don't wanna change resolution of my screen, and the fonts for my OS is normal.

08-12-2001, 12:56 AM
if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold down ctrl and scroll up....otherwise tools-->internet options

08-12-2001, 01:08 AM
it depends on which browser you are using. i think ie is veiw/text size. opera file/preference/fonts and colours

08-12-2001, 01:33 AM
My post has problems, its ctrl scroll down and the font option is not in internet options, duh.

08-12-2001, 06:52 PM
In Internet Explorer click view-text size-choose one of 6 sizes. I view with largest but change to medium to print anything out to reduce paper usage