View Full Version : Outlook 2010 - Global Junk Folder (4+ different POP3 accounts)

07-10-2013, 03:24 PM
Outlook 2010 - Global Junk Folder (4+ different POP3 accounts)

I was wondering if it was possible - and how to do it, setup a global junkmail folder for several different pop3 accounts.

I currently have 4 emails that are being tracked by Outlook, Work, Personal, Junk Filtering and Mobile Devices. The idea is that this time next year, I will likely have access to another four emails strictly from the work domain, and the idea of having 8 junkmail folders to look thru daunts me. I review each and every piece of spam (To ensure it is spam) and then set up rules if I need. Currently after converting to Outlook 2010 I have 153 emails that are junk and around 500 inbox emails with maybe 2% of them being junk for just one account!

So its it possible to get emails that Outlook thinks is spam and send it to one global Junk Folder instead of its normal Local Junk File?

Any rules I setup for junk are deleted permanently.