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07-12-2001, 10:39 PM
2x 486DX4-100 running Win 3.11 Connected via a IBM ISA Etherjet n/work cards and a cat 5 cross over cable.
M/c A (the work horse) as 4.2 Gig HDD and 40 Meg ram, plus a CD-ROM (shared).
M/c B (the backup M/c) as 1.08 Gig HDD and 12 Meg ram, no CD_ROM.
Up until 2 months ago, both ran for over 2 years in this config. without failure.
Two months ago up graded M/c A to Win 95 sr2. This is the ONLY change done.

I have 3 folders (2 with sub folders) each with several files of various sizes in them which I backup at least once per week, sometimes more often.
No file names exceed 8 chars in length due to Win 3.11 legacy.
File types are mostly .DOC and .XLS with a couple of .PUB and .JPG
File sizes vary from 1 Kb to 500 Kb.

When doing backup from M/c A to M/c B I get a serious) system hang.
Cntl+Alt+Del will not remedy. Reset button will remedy sometimes.
Usually have to power the M/c that hangs, nessitating me to run scandisk on restart.
(See symptom 2 below).
Other M/c still functions O.K.
Problem also occurs when transfering files from the CD_ROM to M/c B.

It only happens when transferring the folders from M/c A to M/c B.
It is always the INITIATING M/c that hangs,
ie. If, from M/c A, I send files to B, A will hang, (Win 95).
If, from M/c B, I call files from A, B will hang, (Win 3.11).
ALL transfers from B to A complete successfully regardless of initiating M/c.
The hang happens on random files types and sizes, frequently a file that has hung in the past
will transfer O.K. the next time, and vis versa.
On re-start all icons have been re-arranged in a different order (alphabetically).
All other M/c functions work O.K. (until the hang that is).

I am convinced that the problem lies in the SET UP of the network, not the n/work hardware it self,
or the machine hardware.
All settings in Cntl Pnl\Network\etc on both M/c?s appear to be the same, M/c A has dialup adapter
installed presumably by Win95 forMSN.
I would down grade M/c A to Win 3.11 but have a Win 9x only printer making this option untenantable.

Any help or suggestions with this problem will be very welcome please.

08-12-2001, 12:56 AM
Hi Phil,

You wouldn't happen to hold a Doctorate in some field of advanced science would you? Hardware, Operation, Problem, Syptoms, Prognosis, and ... wait for it, Untenatable.. WOW, could you define:


... ok, enough teasing, bear with my crude english. Right, start at the beginning, if you are sure your hardware is fully operational, then first off check the drivers are ok, over a period of two years, it is likely that windows will have corrupted one/both of them. Next, check that all hardware in both systems is fully compatible with the operating system it is running. Then, run a scandisk with surface scan on both hard drives, defrag, etc... Next up, check that the cable is not damaged anywhere, if it goes through a door or window, ensure that you haven't slammed it in, and damaged it. Another thing to try is checking that both machines meet the system requirements of all their software AND hardware. Obviously you have already checked that the printer is only compatible with win95. However, try checking that the computer with windows 95 is up to the task. Always bear in mind that it may be another component of your PC's, not necessarily the software for your network cards. for example, try removing the printer and then backing up. Just simple employ a process of elimination, check EVERYTHING, even the ridiculous, you never know, I had a computer that wouldn't boot because it didn't like having the hard drive active light going...hmmmm.

Good luck


08-12-2001, 07:55 AM
Interesting problem!

2 answers.

1/Get a tiny bit more ram, and upgrade second computer to 95.

2/or visit Dr. Helmig (networking guru) and check settings.


08-12-2001, 03:50 PM
Are you using TCP/IP?
It is most likely software.

Anyway, if it all worked with both ends at WFW3.11, and the trigger was W95 ... Minor bugs tend to work in the same
environment. It's when they meet the bugs in a different OS that things fall over.

It would be a very good idea to install the 32 bit upgrades to 3.11.

I got them from a nice shop in Christchurch:
www.62nds.co.nz ... go through Software/Patches/Micro$soft Win3.x ... Nice to see patches which aren't gigabytes.

08-12-2001, 04:42 PM
It's a tough problem, I tried to describe it as clearly as possible.

All suggestions in your reply and 'K O's' have been addressed with no apparent solution found.

K O's web site was good but offered no clue to the solution either.