View Full Version : FYI on upgrade to windows 8 cpu temp reading glitch

29-09-2013, 03:55 PM
So this is more of an FYI on something that I have come across and might be handy if anybody else comes across this. What I did may or not have been right but it instantly fixed the problem.

I have an 17" acer aspire 7750G , core i7 263QM, 6 gig mem and has switchable Radeon graphics 2gb.

I removed the 750gb hd which was a major bottle neck and it has an adata 250gb ssd in it as of about a month ago.

There has never been a problem temp wise with the cpu for the time I have owned it and can't even remember the cpu fan firing up so I have never taken any notice of it.

It had windows 7 premium installed when I bought it new about 1 1/2 years ago , I decided last week to upgrade to windows 8 so purchased the upgrade dvd for it.

Install went smooth and it retained all my settings , I ran the upgrade utility from acer which also upgraded all my drivers for windows 8.

After the upgrade had finished I noticed straight away the cpu fan came on and would not stop. A copy of speed fan backed up by a reading from Open Hardware Monitor revealed that all 4 cpu cores were reading 70 deg + , i thought this was strange considering the cpu was only sitting around 12%.

To cut a long story short I noticed that if I clicked power options and selected power saver the temps dropped immediately to 30 - 35 deg , clicking back to bal power options the temps instatly jumped back to 70 and cpu fan came on. Obviously leaving it on power saving was not an option as the system performed so sloooow.
Looking in the task manager the driver for intel rapid storage was sitting on around 17% usage , clicking on power saving this dropped down to 1%.
Killing this driver task dropped the temp reading instantly down to the 30 deg and no more cpu fan going crazy. I disabled this service and on restart I am on bal power option everything is at full speed and temps are nice and stable.

Go figure on this I have no idea why this driver would effect the temps but apparently it did.

Hope this helps somebody else out if they come across this problem.

Speedy Gonzales
29-09-2013, 04:04 PM
What version of Intel rapid storage is installed?? It's up to version 11/12 now. Depending on the mobo / chipset

29-09-2013, 04:40 PM
To be honest I don't know as its now been removed. I have not noticed any decrease in speed and I asume windows has picked up the task of the driver. I might install the latest version and see if it goes back to what it was doing.