View Full Version : Outlook 2003/Vista/Win7 bug

21-09-2013, 04:52 PM
Just stumbled across this one (not my comp and only doing this over phone so can't drill down ATM). Apparently, there is a bug with Outlook 2003, in combo with Vista And Win 7, where outlook fails to decode email messages if said msge is sent to BCC with no 'To' recipients. Seems as if the 'undisclosed recipients' comes through as corrupted so Outlook 2003 just prints everything as text instead of decoding mime or html.

I found a MS hotfix but this could be dodgy as I don't know whether it will match the current update state installed (probably has no updates!). Alternative MAY be to install all Office 2003 updates? I know this will be lengthy and involve lots of download data!

In this case we could try to get the sender to add their 'To' address but this wouldn't be a general solution.

Just wondered if anyone had met this and solved it?