View Full Version : authentification of user to Exchange Server using Microsoft Outlook 97

07-12-2001, 01:58 PM
After one weekend 4 users at our site were unable to open Outlook97 and get connected to our Microsoft Exchange Server which is located at another site. A login box comes up asking for their login password and domain. When these details are correctly enetered the login box then says it's an incorrect passwrod/user or change password. We do have a seperate domain at this site which provides permissions to the Exchange Server. We've tried everything from removing and re-installing software and removing the mailbox from the Exchange server. We've just removed and re-installed Windows95 and all software and have had the same problem occur. We are able to set the user up on another Windows95 PC and they can get Outlook 97 to connect to the Exchange server just fine.

07-12-2001, 06:52 PM
A bit of thinking out loud here:

What is the common factor between the users that doesn't pertain to others?

Physical - Same hub? Same cable? Chattering network card timing it out?

Network - Are they the only ones logging in to the server? common group (on either server or in Exchange)?

Software - Do they email each other or share common files - viruses?

Could suggest taking one of the computers and plugging it directly into a spare port on the local server (using a known good cable) to see if that makes a difference. That would eliminate the physical.

10-12-2001, 08:42 AM
Thanks for the ideas Heather.
They are all on seperate hubs. One common point was they had all logged off from Outlook over the weekend. I've run virus scans on them as well. What I ended up doing which looks like it's going to work is create and account for them on the same domain as the mail server is on and then add security from this domain onto them. That doesn't solve the mystery but gets around the problem.