View Full Version : Plug & Play Voodoos

26-04-1999, 10:47 AM
I just had to wipe my hard drive clean and start fresh. After installing Windows 95, everything went fine, except on restart I noticed that it did not detect my Voodoo 2 cards, but did detect my AGP card, sound card, and modem. No matter, I will install them later, I thought. After going to 'Add New Hardware', I let W95 search for new hardware, and it found none. So, I selected my device manually, clicked 'Have Disk', and went ahead. All seemed to go OK, and W95 said installation was complete, click finish. Now usually I have to restart the computer after installing the Voodoo 2 cards, but this prompt was not given. I checked My Computer/System/Device Manager, but they were not there. So I shut down and restarted. Nope, still not there. Ok, repeat the process. Nope, no good. So I physically removed the cards, rebooted, checked to see if the Voodoos were there for some strange reason (They weren't), shut down, put the cards in, and tried again. Still no auto detect. I repeated the add new hardware routine, but with the same results. I'd really like my voodoos to work again. Any suggestions? Thanks.