View Full Version : ActiveX and IE6

06-12-2001, 09:34 AM
I am in charge of about 80 machines, both laptop and older desktops machines here at my school. Toshiba has recently updated the laptop model for our boys from a 1710 to 1800 series. I have three of these machines. During the setup, I dutifully installed IE6, as I have done with all of the other machines. Whenever I go to a page which has some flash or shockwave content, I am informed that my security settings are preventing me from downloading AvtiveX content. I have reset the security settings in the tools/internet options security and advanced panel. This is driving me crazy! I have removed IE6 and gone back to 5.5 - no change. The security settings seem to keep changing themselves. I CAN sometimes load the plugin, but IE6 insists on reloading them EVERY visit to the page. This seems to be a problem just with these 3 1800 toshiba satellite machines. Toshiba don't seem to have heard of the problem, but blame IE. Interestingly enough, IE comes preinstalled on all of the laptops that we have purchased.
Has anyone else has this problem?
HELP! At the moment these machines can't even access our intranet homepage properley!