View Full Version : Browser problem (tabs)??

14-07-2013, 10:12 AM
Hey , since a couple of days ago I noticed my chrome browser having a problem to load and view websites .what actually I see is that say if I go to nzherald and open two tabs or three and put different sites say ,empire mag , pc world.com . Then press go . Though somehow when I say finished reading one article on nz herald and want to go to next web which means another tab ,I click on it and I can only see the very first site load meaning in another tab I can't see empire mag or pc world main page ,only nz herald page layout on all pages . Now I do have some guess ,could these be a update issue regarding latest chrome that just came out ,extension issue ,a program that's stopping it say firewall , speaking of that while waiting say within 30seconds, chrome gives me a message to kill the page or wait for it to respond , can it be a speed issue , though really doubt that . That's my guesses. What could be the issue ,any way to solve this . I have window 64 bits , i7 processor ,4gb ram . I have previously noticed this with Internet explorer but that was along time ago since I use chrome as my default browser . Thanks .

14-07-2013, 02:56 PM
Hey just forgot to write , wondering how many people has similar issues with chrome or other Internet browser. Thanks