View Full Version : Password recorvery for Windows 7

09-07-2013, 01:31 PM
About 4 years ago we installed Windows 7 on another hard drive in my computer to see how Windows 7 would run on my desktop hardware (and see if there where any issues etc...).

A few weeks back I thought I better try and see if I can boot back in to this copy of Windows 7 to see what state it’s in and also I could not remember if it was a preview copy etc…we installed

But when I got to the login page, I could not remember my password!!

And I also did not setup a forget password disk :(

Is their any way I can reset/change the password??

I am not worried if I cant get back in :), but I just thought I would ask, before I get dad to take the drive out.

09-07-2013, 01:42 PM
Piece of cake - in fact its so easy its scary :D Done this a couple of times when I 've forgotten to take the right Bootable CD's to peoples place. ( oops)

All you need is a W7 repair CD,and some command prompts ;)

Have a read of tutorial - reset Windows 7 password (http://reboot.pro/topic/15751-reset-a-forgotten-windows-7-password-without-using-any-third-party-software-how-to-tutorial/)

When you read the article, have a look at the corresponding pictures, some of the commands the person forgot to put in the "\" in the command, but its shown in the pictures.

11-07-2013, 09:51 AM
This technique works on win 8, as well.

Any boot disk that gives basic access/control of the file system will enable this 'trick', too, of course.

11-07-2013, 03:43 PM
I googled it when I had a similar problem and found a boot disk iso online with instructions on how to do it, was a little confusing but it took me 2 tries as a complete novice. It was not the same as this solution though which looks easier, it was a boot disk with a text based menu sytem.

Waste of time too, the PC I had been given turned out to have a cracked copy of windows 7 on it so I ended up wiping it.