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05-12-2001, 02:23 PM
Please excuse the the length of the msge as I feel without all the detail a simple solution may not be found. Prv ran IE5.5 and succeefully downloaded IE6 but was unable to install as progress was halted at 64% installation.Recd msge 'Setup had trouble copying a file. Click OK to try again' No success there. 'If this msge appears again quit setup and try running it again. Clicked on details and msge said' Source file c:\WINDOWS\TEMP\IXP000.TMP\iesetup.inf Destination file c;\WINDOWS\INF\lesetup.001=lesetup.inf
As i was unable to proceed I choose to cancel out and rec'd a msge 'Plse wait while setup cancels. This could take a few mins' 45 mins later no change. So CTRL ALT DEL to close it down.
Then proceeded to close uninstall IE6 and go back to my 5.5 version thru ADD?REMOVE and recd msge 'failed to uninstall properly. I was'nt given any choices about what to do next. Decided to try to reinstall IE6 from the Windows Update Folder which took me back to the 64% installation and stopped.
Each time I now start my PC I am prompted to install IE6 which I have since deleted from the Windows Update Folder.
Now whether it is symptamatic of the above problem:
My Outlook Express some msge are now attachments and don't appear in the pane.
My Windows Update no longer operates - can't access it
Can't access Windows Help and Can't use find files/folders
Can't download from Microsoft IE6 again.In Internet Explorer
clicking on Help About IE I have no version or cypher strenght etc.
Suggested fix was to START RUN MSCONFIG uncheck load startup group OK and restart.
This made no difference.
Recd msge 'Environment variables were found in the legacy files AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG SYSTEM and varables moved to windows registry.
At startup I receive a msge 'The shortcut resume windowsupdate installation.lnk refers to a location that is unavailable.
In control panel add/remove the file IE5.5 is apparent however the system tells me when I try to uninstall it that IE6 is installed.
Help needed Thanx for advice

05-12-2001, 10:38 PM
Hi Michael,

You don't say what Windows you are using (well, not that I can see in there!). If you are using Windows ME you could try using System Restore to restore back to before trying to install IE6.

When IE6 reaches around 60% (for me it was 62%) it likes to be connected to the internet, and this is why it wouldn't continue installing for you. If you are able to reinstall it, make sure you are connected before you start, and the install should run smoothly.

There is a program called IERadicator, which will remove all traces of IE from your computer, but I have never used this program, and many people on here warn others of the dangers of using this as you can really stuff things up. If you do go down this path, make sure you have IE somewhere to reinstall - either from a Cover Disk or from the net... then try reinstalling.