View Full Version : HELP THE KERNEL

25-04-1999, 07:41 PM
Good day,
I am getting a lot errors when opening and sometimes
closeing any
programs on my computer. Not all the time but to often.
The message im getting is ( a program running )... caused an invalid
page fault in module Kernel32.dll 0137 bff782ae .
ie: explorer ... rnaapp... winoldap... mprexe...
If i ok this this boxed message , the desktop rebuilds but without the tray icons.
There seems to be a delay of half a second when say opening My computer,
explorer, or find, and instead of carrying out the command the app Bombs
- these 3 apps always say ( explorer has caused ... ) !
Thinking it may have been the registry i replaced the system.dat &
user.dat with a good backup that worked last month , but when the system
rebooted i was informed that the registry was corrupted - i dont think
there is really anything wrong with these backups but there is obviously
something that ive over looked !
I then reloaded win95 but this did not help.I realise that i can
the files system.dat system.da0 user.dat user.da0 and system.1st , then
reinstall win95 but by doing this will i have to reinstall all my
programs, or do they get registered in the registry as windows loads??.I
am asking this because if i have to reload all of my apps and maybe the
desktop Maze, which i can save, i may as well format the hard drive and
start afresh but i would prefer not to.
Shall i bomb the Kernel ,or is there help out there ??