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05-12-2001, 12:53 AM
I have a new computer with only three sound card jackpoints instead of the four available on computers I have used previously.These were a)Speakers -- b)Line Out-- c)Mic, and d) Line In. The new machine has no Line Out, but Line In functions as Line Out. Very Strange!! This would be ok if I can achieve the function of Line In, by an alternative method. Questions:-1) Would the signal strength from the headphones output of my separate audio amplifier, be too excessive to safely be fed into the Mike input of the computer sound card? 2)If this is not on,is there any other way I can achieve the functions of both Line In and Line Out. Any suggestions?

05-12-2001, 10:27 AM
Yes, give it a go, but with the sound turned down low.

No point in blowing up your PC via the sound card.


05-12-2001, 03:09 PM
Thanks Robo. that's what I figured, but I'm scared of accidents that's why I havent tried it. Maybe some clued-up guy has an alternative?

05-12-2001, 03:45 PM
It won't do any harm, unless you push hundreds of watts into your headphones. You can tell by the smoke coming from your headphones, or from your ears after listening.

You might get a couple of volts, which would cause *DISTORTION*.

So wind the volume control right down.

The mic input will want a few mV (thousandths of volts), or a few tens of mV at max.

If you have a soldering iron, you could build a couple of 100:1 attenuators with two resistors each (say 4.7k and 47 ohm) and a suitable cable.

06-12-2001, 12:51 PM
Thanks Graham --as Santa Claus would say-- Ho, Ho, Ho.

However, I'm no electronics expert, also manual arthritis and fine soldering work are now incompatible for an old feller like me I'm afraid.

But how about if I use Speaker output as input to my Hi-Fi? Same problem I imagine?

Anyway, this is the first time I've used 'PressF1' and it's good to know others are interested enough to want to help in matters like this.

Merry Xmas, Ho, Ho, Ho.

06-12-2001, 06:09 PM
Your speaker output, turned low, should be OK into the Line input of your stereo. (or very low into a mic input).

Don't be put off trying the speaker output into the mic of the sound card without any accessories... I just suggested the attenuator idea to avoid blasts of noise changing from headphones to computer. Same applies with feeding a stereo.

Just keep the volume knob down very low when feeding a more sensitive input.

09-12-2001, 05:14 PM
Thanks Graham.
I decided to leave the sound card input acting as output, and feeding speaker output into Line In on my stereo -- very cautiously.
Everything now O.K.
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