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19-06-2013, 02:21 PM
I want to get a new Wireless Router for home.
Live in Te Atatu, small Unit and are on Telecom Broadband. We only run 2 Laptops and a Phone from it. We dont play Games and watch limited You Tube etc. I believe we are on ADSL2+. Any suggestions on the best Router to purchase.Cheers.

19-06-2013, 02:47 PM
If you just want basic usage then probably just about anything will be fine. It's only under heavy loads that the cheaper routers can fall over. Some are worse than others, though.

Telecom will happily give you a free router if you agree to a 12 month contract on your current plan.

I don't know what they're currently supplying but I've been using one of their older Thomson ST536v6 (no WiFi) for ages now and it's been rock solid, despite that the web interface is awful.

19-06-2013, 03:10 PM
I'd go for this:

Can't stand the freebie Thomson / Technicolor ones that Telecom give away, personally.

You can probably also get VDSL2 in Te Atatu, most of it can! ;)

Alex B
19-06-2013, 05:35 PM
Get the 2710ne if going Draytek, has built in Wireless, we get them fro gowifi.co.nz. The Technicolor is fine for light duties.

20-06-2013, 12:32 PM
Thanks for all your help. Cheers.

20-06-2013, 03:35 PM
Extra query. If I got T Stick on plan what are the pros and cons.
It is cheaper than home broadband?

20-06-2013, 04:20 PM
Depends on how much you use it, probably not cheaper, and you're restricted a lot with your speeds / coverage / smaller data caps etc..

20-06-2013, 05:08 PM
Cheapest mobile data plan is the smartphone prepay $19 one with 500MB of data, ok on a phone for e-mail and a bit of occasional browsing but easily used up in a few you tube videos. realistically they are only worthwhile for very light usage or where a fixed line is not available. If you use more than about 2G of data it would rapidly become much more expensive than home broadband.

I have a T-stick I use for internet usage at a LAN party once a month, if I stick to online gaming and a little bit of browsing I manage to not use the 500MB, but that's in 1 day. I tried tethering my smartphone for this to avoid having two prepays but for some reason it doesn't work as well as the T-stick and gives lower speeds and inconsistant performance.