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17-06-2013, 10:59 PM
Hi, I have a few problems with my Vaio notebook... Recently (a few weeks ago) I powered up my laptop and got a black screen saying no operating sytem found and pressing any key would just make this message repeat. At some point on start up it actually got to the blue hummingbird screen but no login option appeared. I downloaded and burned an Easy Recovery Essentials cd that I could boot from and tried the repair option at which point it said I had no partitions to repair. I ran testdisk to try and recover my partitions and my hard drive was recognised and displayed with correct capacity but testdisk wasn't able to recover anything.

I then decided to burn a windows 7 disc (because my laptop only came with it built in, not with an installation disc). I was able to boot from it and choose the repair option. I attempted startup repair but cancelled it after it ran "attempting repairs" for an entire day. I also tried the system restore and system image options but I was unable to do that too even though I'm sure I had made these (when I actually had an os anyway). After this didnt work, and after considering that if no partitions were found, all my data was probably gone anyway, I tried installing windows 7. Everything seemed fine until I got to the 'choose a partition' step. Here it showed only unallocated space of 320gb (the correct size of my hdd). At the bottom of the screen it said something along the lines of 'windows cannot be installed on this disk'. So I tried creating a new partition, accepted the default size (the whole disk), pressed enter and waited forever for it to tell me that it couldn't create the partition. I tried a range of other sizes but these didn't work either. Also, in bios (the last time I checked) my hdd was recognised.

In a last attempt, I downloaded an ubuntu os bootable disc. Booted up my laptop from this and it gave me the option to try ubuntu or install it. I can't remember what I did first but just trying it allowed me to access the internet etc. which is what I'm using now. When I tried installing it, it started fine but during installation a couple of errors came up numerous times: Input/output error during read on /dev/sda, and Input/output error during write on /dev/sda.

Thats basically everything I've tried. Also my hard drive isn't making any weird noises and the little light at the front for my hard drive still turns on (which I think means its doing something so is recognised and working to an extent?).

Any ideas as to what my problem is? If I bought a new hard drive and installed it and formatted/partitioned it would that solve my problem and would I be able to install an os on it then?
Data recovery is not really an issue for me, just getting my laptop to work normally. Thanks in advance!

17-06-2013, 11:15 PM
Can you try the HDD in another PC?
In any case, yes a new HDD should solve your problem and let you install anything you want.

Unless of course *something* has happened to not "let you" use the drive (it is a Sony after all :devil).

17-06-2013, 11:36 PM
Served me well for 3 years though! Yeah there seems to a lot of similar problems for Vaios...

I wouldn't be too confident with trying it in another pc :-\

If I was to buy a new hard drive, do I just have to make sure that it's SATA? Would most be compatible with my system?

18-06-2013, 01:23 AM
A search on the model number should lead to some info on what it has as standard and what it supports.
If still unsure, take it with you when buying, or (if going for online buy) get advice by email from the shop before buying.

Don't know too much about vaio's specifically, but some notebooks can be fiddly to get into (without breaking things).

18-06-2013, 09:49 AM
Sounds like its a dead hdd, should be easy enough to replace. You can either attempt it yourself or take the laptop in to someone. It'll cost more but no hassles with getting the right drive or buying one only to find it's something else.

Any 2.5" standard sata hdd should work, probably an idea to get one of the 7200 rpm or hybrid SSD drives so it's not slow to boot.