View Full Version : 500W psu on the fritz, system rebooting after 2 seconds

16-06-2013, 04:25 PM
mate has been powering his HD4850 from a single 12volt rail on a 500w psu, 16amps on one rail, 18 amps on the other.

psu seems to be dead in the water currently, 5min into dead island the entire system crashed as expected from past experiences.

has not come back up.

tried psu in other computer, no sign of life.

tried other psu in subject computer, powers off after 2 seconds.

moved entire system into new case with better cooling (5 fans vs 1 fan), maybe atx power sw/ reset sw headers are confuddling the situation)

not wanting to replace psu+mobo+cpu+ram

short of opening the psu could other suggestions be made to get system up and runnning

i have 2 spare skt775 boards/cpus

subject computer is acer aspire m8100. cpu is E5400

old and new case are both uATX, not sure if either alternative boards are actualyl that small, both might be full ATX however one is possibly uATX.

both alternative cpus are 65nm, one has been extensivly overclocked.

further trouble shooting is possible at teh very least.

he is hoping to get finance for replacing cpu/mobo/ram/psu if all shhits the fan.

am3+ maybe unless alternatives can be suggest for less than $400; he would like cheap dust filters from dx.com

if the psu can be ressurrected we have ordered a 2x 4pin molex to 6pin pcie cable to spread the load across both rails.

i have a box of psu so he can just have the psu we troubleshooted with; i am confident a 450W psu is enough for a stock e5400 and a HD4850; ill have something sufficient for my serve in a box of spares somewhere (300-400W is ample for bobcat)

hoefully the locals can make constructive suggestions and not simply increase their post counts


17-06-2013, 11:51 AM
hoefully the locals can make constructive suggestions and not simply increase their post counts

Comments like that will only get the locals p8ssed off, honestly mate.

You post really hard to understand.
DO NOT open up the PSU unless you know what youre doing, if you did you wouldnt be asking here.
The PSU sounds faulty to me.
The first step is to try a good PSU in that PC . The rest of of your post I really cant decipher sorry.

Have a NICE day

17-06-2013, 12:09 PM
What is the other PSU you tried and I assume it still works ok in it's original machine ?

Using http://www.extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine and typical hardware I came up with 289W minimum PSU for that machine.
The question really is has the PSU simply died or is something else faulty and caused it to die, i.e. is the dead PSU a symptom or the cause.

I'd try it without the graphics card or with a different one if possible, preferably something low powered. Just too see if A. the PSU will work with reduced load and B. is the graphics card the culprit.

18-06-2013, 12:08 AM
the 500W psu gets nowhere

a 450W psu results in power for 2 seconds

will try alternate configurations and troubleshoot each component in other systems.

more formatting would be good in my posts, however, at this point the past posts cannot be resolved.