View Full Version : error spool 32,Adding Hotmail button to bar at base of screen, Lock up at Desktop,Password file protection

04-12-2001, 03:41 PM
spool 32 has caused an error in SPOOL 32.EXE. Spool 32 will now close if you continue to experence problems restart computer.

I have been told to right click on the hotmail listing in the explorer links schedule and choose send to desktop. then drag and drop to task bar at base of screen.
This did not work twice that I tried it upon a double click nothing happens other than icon is highlighted?? Can you help?? Is your response the same if I require to make other buttons for this bar?? I have set up password access for family on my computer, Is there an easy way of copying this new Hotmail button to their menu?

A No. of times upon entering the PC at the desktop the machine locks up Cursor does not move or respond cntrl alt del is the only means of exit any answers??

How do I ensure my files are not accessed either by reading the title or going into the file, by others who have their own password access on my PC? The files can be called up via the search on the start up menu.