View Full Version : Backing-up stuff from O.E

03-12-2001, 10:24 AM
I have successfully located and saved to Zip drive my 'favourites' folders from I.E, but my question is where can I locate the folders that contain both my 'addresses and messages' so I can copy to Zip drive? I played with exporting addresses and messages but they dissappear off to Express or somewhere?? I also have 3 identities to save/back-up.

03-12-2001, 10:54 AM
To back up your address book use the export function within oe. For the messages however do a search to find the dbx files for your inbox, outbox extra. Copy these and save. If you need to revert back to this older saved inbox just repalce it in the folder you got it from.

03-12-2001, 11:33 AM
For the messages themselves try Tools, Options, Maintenance, Store Folder. This will tell you where the messages are stored now. You can change it to somewhere more convenient if you like, e.g. a subfolder in My Documents so when you backup My Documents you get your messages too.