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02-12-2001, 09:42 PM
I have windows 98 Second edition and it has worked well for the past few years using IE 5.0 and outlook express. I decided to download IE 5.5 and upgrade. It worked fine until I tried to open a hyperlink from any Outlook Express text which should then open up a new web page. Any Hyperlink, when clicked upon will turn another color, and about one second later, it will show up as a long bar at the top of the Outlook Express page and then a half second later, the bar will disappear and the Web page URL will NOT open!!! It worked well before I downloaded the latest edition.

IE5.5 will open fine from my Desktop or my toolbar but not from a hyperlink.

One clue is that if, in that one second the minimized web page title bar shows up and I manage to click on maximize, then the web page will open open. If I don't manage to grab it at that point and click on the maximize button, the minimized web page disappears forever.

What have I done wrong or is there a FIX or has any else had the problem?

Leith Jennings

02-12-2001, 11:35 PM
...this arrived today from the gnomies over at Lockergnome.com

Although it applies to Outlook Express there might be something helpful and i hope my 'copy & paste' job formats correctly on this page:

'...Oh no! The links aren't working like they once did in Outlook Express. You either can't click 'em or they're not going anywhere. Or, perhaps every time you open a link in a new window through
your mail client, Internet Explorer spits back a blank page.'

'Have no fear - Geekdude is here! The solution is quite simple (and it doesn't require a reinstallation); we just need to re-register the
URL monitor. Heck, if you're having any kind of hyperlink hassle,give this a whirl. When software doesn't behave, sometimes you have to spank it.'

'Click on Start | Run and enter: 'REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL' (sans quotes). You should then have a dialog tell you
that the procedure was completed.'

'Next, fire up Microsoft's Web
Browser (IE) and Click Tools | Internet Options | Programs | then click the 'Reset Web Settings' button.'

'Now, check to see if Web
links work like they should in your e-mail client. With any luck, you'll have returned your system to normal.'



CREDIT: Lockergnome.com

03-12-2001, 12:32 AM
I tried that and it tells me that REGSVR32URLMON.DLL is missing and can't find it!!!

What now?