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07-06-2013, 08:08 PM
I need some advice. My broadband modem/router/wireless is at one end of my house. It is the standard Thomson TG585 modem that I got free from Telecom some years ago. The wireless signal is not strong enough to reach the other end of the house, where I use my iPad and Windows phone. I bought a Netcomm NP203 Home Entertainment Connection kit that uses the power lines in your house to send a network signal. It uses your standard three pin wall socket power points. It has never been as good as I had hoped, and now seems worse. It used to report a speed of 184Mbps. Now only about 100Mbps. It may be because it has my TV, BlU Ray player, and TIVO, As well as a DLINK DIR645 wireless router connected to it. It is this DLINK router that I use for the iPad and Windows phone. But I suspect it is not sending a strong wireless signal, as I seem to have a lot of trouble browsing websites on my iPad, despite the fact that the DLINK wireless router is about two feet from my iPad! What do I do? I have considered getting someone in to run a CAT5/6/7 cable from the Thomson router, through the ceiling space, down to the lounge. But that is complicated and may upset the wife. Is there any way I can get a very powerfull wireless signal sent from one end of the house to the other, or will nothing work through several internal walls and about 20 metres of distance? Any suggestions?

07-06-2013, 09:01 PM
Don't know whether one of these (http://www.jaycar.co.nz/productView.asp?ID=YN8360&form=CAT2&SUBCATID=1043#6) is any good.

07-06-2013, 11:05 PM
We've got maybe 15m away from our router, someone here needs to put his netbook by the doorway to get a reception, his Xbox is hooked to his netbook. Funny that our cordless telephones can work those distance no probs and into the backyard :D

Try a extender, we should be putting our category network cables from the lounge to under the house there is an opening where they did the flooring insulation and up one hole in the corridor full height cupboard and then route them above the ceiling and down each bedroom wardrobe to a wallplate.

Instead of what it is reporting if you copy a large file say local network, how long does it take? With a 100Mbps network I get a real 70Mbps for my equipment. Which is 70/8 = 8.75MB/sec.