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29-05-2013, 10:33 PM
Hi all,
I am visiting my mother at the moment and am trying to rectify a ridiculous home network setup in her new home that is only a couple years old. Basically the control cupboard that contains the wireless router, fibre modem and network cable "splitter box" etc. is at the far end of the garage meaning there is no wifi reception anywhere in the house except you take your device into the garage or the laundry. Neither very comfortable or convienent places to spend time online... So I want to take the wireless router and put it in the living room connected to the network socket there that the phone currently plugs into (I am assuming that the modern day wall sockets are combination voice/data types these days - since they accomodate both types of plug?).

The names I give things here may quite probably be technically incorrect as I am obviously not highly skilled in this department...

I will attempt to explain what I just tried to do but failed to work: Basically I removed the wireless router from the cupboard and took it to the living room. I reconnected the internet cable and the telephone cable from the splitter box (a "cat 5e data network module box") to the fibre modem instead. So, I would then assume that voice and data should then work and we would simply not have any wifi at that stage. However, neither worked. There was no dial tone in the phones and the desktop computer had no data connection either.

When I plugged the wireless router into the living room socket and then plugged the phone into it in turn and powered everything up, nothing except the power light and wireless light came on (no internet light or voice/phone light).

The wireless router is a Linksys CISCO WRP400 and the fibre modem is a Alcatel I-220E-A

I hope that is enough information to explain the problem.

Any help appreciated :)

29-05-2013, 10:40 PM
Perhaps you need something like this. http://www.jaycar.co.nz/productView.asp?ID=YN8360&form=CAT2&SUBCATID=1043#6

29-05-2013, 11:08 PM
Thanks for that idea. I hadn't seen them before. I guess it would reduce speed though being an additional link in the system?
Back to what I was originally attempting and without the need to buy more gear - In theory, should it be possible to feed the internet signal from the modem into the splitter box that goes to all different rooms in the house and then have the wireless router down the line in one of those rooms? I can't understand why it didn't work when I tried tonight.

29-05-2013, 11:38 PM
It's hard to picture without a diagram, is the router you are moving also the ADSL modem? If so the phone jacks are probably wired through a master splitter and won't work, only the dedicated jack wired for ADSL will. If this is the case the wiring will need to be altered at the point where the ADSL splitter is, usually the ETP (white plastic box) on the outside of the house but it could be in where the router was. A "splitter" has an input and an output, the input connects to the phone line from the street and any jackpoints you want to use for ADSL (meaning they all are common, the ADSL is not filtered), the filtered output connects to the rest of the phone jacks and is why ADSL won't work from them. If you need a phone line as well you can use both pairs in the phone cable and wire one to each side of the splitter and connect to a double phone jack giving you a phone and ADSL jack.

Speedy Gonzales
29-05-2013, 11:52 PM
Change it to wireless N. You'll have to change the adapters to N to make it worthwhile

30-05-2013, 01:24 AM
Some photos of the cupboard setup in the garage may help here.

Looking at the two model #'s you supplied you are on a fibre connection.
The Alcatel unit is just the ONT (Optical Network Terminator) - Basically just converts the fibre to an ethernet connection - and the Linksys unit is required to actually make the internet work. (Most likely has some PPPoE username / password settings in it.)

When everything is working does the phone connect to the Alcatel unit or to the Linksys unit?

If the phone connects to the Linksys unit then you should be able to take that Linksys unit to the lounge and connect the blue WAN port to the socket on the wall that the phone was plugged into.
Plug the phone into the Line1/Phone1 on the Linkssys (You may need a different cable)
In the garage you need to have a lead from the Alcatel unit to the network splitter socket that runs to that wall socket in the lounge.
In theory that should get you going again.

If the phone connects to one of the phone sockets on the Alcatel unit then it gets a bit trickier as you would need two wall sockets in the lounge to be able to move the Linksys unit there. Or you could move the Linksys unit to another wall socket elsewhere in the house if there is more.

30-05-2013, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the replys. Cyabro, the phone normally connects to the linksys unit in the garage. The "Cat 5e data network module" box (that I refered to above as the network 'splitter box') has 10 inputs down the centre for network/voice plugs and has ten outputs (5 both sides) where connections are made by individual strands of network cable slotted into little knives.
Currently, the internet output cable (from yellow ethernet #1) from the linksys goes into number one socket on the splitter. Sockets 2 and 3 are linked with a patch cable and the telephone patch cable goes from linksys to #7 socket.
It would appear that each data/voice wall jack point in the house then is connected individually to this "data network module" box. However, voice connection works in more than just one room despite only being supplied in the garage cupboard to #7 input.

I find it really annoying that there has been no documentation left in the cupboard or with my mother by whoever did the installation, as I think that if I had information on which room each cable goes to I would be able to plug the output of the Alcatel directly to the living room and take the linksys in there to use.

Here are some photos anyway if they are of further help.

Thanks again for the assistance everyone.


30-05-2013, 11:55 AM
Ok, so I have made progress. I took the cover plate off socket in living room and it had "7" written on it. So I tried plugging internet from modem to jack 7 on data module box and got linksys working in living room finally. However, it appears that the telephone output of Alcatel fibre modem in garage does not function as the telephone in bedroom has no dialtone... I will call the internet provider to see if it should be possible or not.

30-05-2013, 12:39 PM
Turns out that the phone connection only works through the linksys router and not the alcatel. So, I could keep the linksys in the garage box and disable it's wifi and get another wireless router to go in another room of the house. However, not wanting to buy additional equipment, I think it is best to keep the linksys separate in the living room and plug the uniden base phone unit into it there and just register additional handsets to go in other rooms of the house.

It is interesting that this is a common problem talking to the internet provider. They say that it is just incidental that the router they provide has wifi functionality (they could provide a non wifi option only) as the metal box that everything is installed in causes havoc with the signal.

30-05-2013, 12:48 PM
I have had to fix this issue several times. Some electrical contractors making a mess of phone and BB.

You say you do not want to purchase equipment but the best and easiest answer is to buy a wireless access point and plug into a wall socket in your living room. Make sure it is a live cable from the panel, configure it to the same wireless SSID and password as the Linksys and it will work.

30-05-2013, 02:02 PM
Wow! For a brand new installation the coms cupboard is a mess already. :)
Not sure what the two cables are that are crimped together on the orange & blue pairs??
They may have something to do with getting the phone working in the bedroom perhaps which means someone has down it wrong.

30-05-2013, 08:13 PM
Is that mess typical of installations in new homes?

02-06-2013, 04:53 PM
Sorry, I have to take responsibility for the messy look of the cupboard. I had just reinstalled things the way they were without making it look tidy. Now, the linksys is out of there and in the office which has improved wifi coverage, but means that the only phone connection that works in the house is the one that comes out of the linksys router and any piggyback handsets off that. So, ultimately the best solution I agree will be to install an additional wireless router in the living room and leave the linksys in the garage.

Having said that, I wonder if I can use an old generic non-wifi router that I have at home in storage (which came with an broadband connection package a number of years ago and was obsolete once I bought a wireless router to replace it) in the garage cabinet and use the existing linksys wifi in the living room?