View Full Version : Freelance Graphics97 displayed text problem

23-04-1999, 05:15 PM
I Have recently installed Freelance Graphics 97 on a pentium notebook, but it refuses to display text correctly. The OS is Win95 Sr1/2.

Regardless of font, each letter appears separated by an extended gap, a bit like an extra space (but not quite and more randomly placed).

Wether the text is entered fresh (as in a new presentation) or imported from a text file in the outliner. Even the 'click here . . etc' prompt text is distorted.

The present font is 'arial', and I have tried others (ie via Typeface globally) with no success, however I notice that if I change the orientation from lanscape to portrait, the text appears to be displayed correctly - or at least I think so.

*.prz files (saved in the required viewer format) view correctly when opened in the Mobil Screen Show Player, but not in FLG97 itself. Again, however, if the view is changed in these files from (the intended) 'landscape' to 'portrait', the text appears correctly - but of course the orientation is now wrong.

What am I doing wrong (or what have I overlooked - go on embarrass me).

Would appreciate your assistance.

Steve Lofthouse