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30-11-2001, 12:15 PM
Okay, time for the Geeks out there to put their thinking caps on.

I want to watch some TV episodes that I have on CD. Don't ask what, I won't tell you (everyone is fully clothed in them, that's that main thing).

That's easy, but I want to watch it on a small portable TV (3inch), or possibly my normal television.

I don't want to run cables.

I am thinking I could use some sort of TV output card, that creates RF signal. Then, hook that up to a signal booster like Dick Smith sells for sending video output from one room to another, and then tuning the TVs into that channel.

Is this completely lame?

Okay, forget that, I don't care if it is.

Do you think it can be done? If so, any suggestions as to how? It's mostly hardware, I don't think any software is required.


30-11-2001, 12:38 PM
that should work ok. rf sender unit connected to the svideo out of vid card and audio out of sound card.

a couple of catches- your neighbours will be able to watch what ever you are watching so make sure you turn it off before you go useing the comp for geeky things ;-)

one thing dick smith will prberly not tell you is that rf senders are technically illegal and can be conficated if you are causeing interference to others.

i have had some rf senders transmit 2km away.

the other optoin is the ghz senders. they are line of site only and the receiving tv has to have av inputs for the reciever unit to plug into. thou this can be fixed with a cheap modulator. the good thing with this is that u won't interfer with anyone esle and highly unlikly that your neighbours will be able to watch your movies :-)

30-11-2001, 12:41 PM
a cunning plan m'lord

If you have audio and video outputs on your video card (RCA sockets), then your idea to use a 'video sender' would work fine. All you do is hook up a set of rabbit ears to the receiving TV, and tune to whatever frequency (usually UHF) that the sender transmits on.

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30-11-2001, 01:01 PM
Some may accuse me of being incredibly sad for even considering this.

However, I don't really like sitting in front of the PC to watch this stuff. The quality is getting to the point where it would be worth sticking through the TV. Also, the idea of watching it on the small screen while relaxing in my La-Z-Boy has it's attractions.


30-11-2001, 03:50 PM
The much hated (for their web ads) X10 (.com.au?) produce godies sound like they'll do just what you want.

30-11-2001, 05:37 PM
Man, all the fun things happen when I'm out :( I just finished a reformat/reinstall and well... now that I'm back I hear Robo is thinking about LEAVING his PC for a while, and watching a TV screen!!! How absurd!

Anyhow... It'll work :) (I guess not much use for my input in here, as already there's been about 7 replies and they all seem to tell you the same thing...)

Just remember, with your wireless keyboard, mouse, speakers, joystick, and headset, you're likely to get some interference of your own...