View Full Version : A fatal exception OE, unzipping & CD startup

29-11-2001, 08:14 PM
Today I started my computer and received a blue screen with the gloomy pronouncement: A fatal Exception OE has occurred at 0187 BFF9DFF. Huh? The only new software I have recently put on the drive is Go Back from one of PC mags discs. Is this related. I have disabled Go Back in the interim. (What is Go Back exactly anyway, some sort of registry back up??)

Also when I insert a CD disc the hard drive whirrs away happily but the screen doesnt show anything. How do I configure it to show the Disc start up etc on screen. PPS how do I find info on how to use WinZip, I've got a copy but I am stumbling in the dark a bit. And another thing....no just kididng that's quite enough for now. Keep up the good work guys, any help would be appreciated

29-11-2001, 09:28 PM
The CD, I will stand corrected if I am wrong on this but for it to display automatically I think it needs autorun as part of the CD, those CD's which don't open automatically can be opened from Windows Explorer or Windows Commander to name just two.

Winzip, I have v8.0, assume you will have 8 something. Could almost write a book here email me at duckyduck@inet.net.nz and I can take you through a lot of things and with pictures included but in the meantime try single right click of the zip file, from the menu, extract to though you can cancel that box to just view the contents and you can often open the contents from within winzip as well,select the folder you want to extract to and ok. You want to email a folder or file(s), select, right click from the menu, zip and email and it opens within your email client.
Anyway that is how it works on this computer. As above, email me and I can take you through all that, step by step and help you out, no problems.