View Full Version : Global Proxy in Windows 8

The Error Guy
23-05-2013, 12:32 PM
Anyone know of a way to enforce a global proxy with authentication in Windows 8? It's annoying because some things work and others don't with the built in proxy tools. Chrome and IE work, as do parts of a few metro apps. The Skydrive desktop is broken (nothing works) as is the metro Skydrive app (it logs on but I can't upload or download anything) 8tracks metro app doesn't work but the people app appears to function correctly.

Big inconsistencies and it's getting annoying having nothing work correctly at uni. Would be nice if I could set a global proxy that handles authentication and proxy server and even better, is automatically applied when connected to the network. It all runs *perfect* on Android with the proxydroid app, I just need to find a nice way to do it with windows.



25-05-2013, 11:44 PM
get the URLs whitelisted as outlined in KB2778122 for anonymous access

The Error Guy
26-05-2013, 10:39 AM
The university is ridiculously apple-centric to the point of frustration. Who ever is in charge has no thought for cross platform compatibility. Their thought process appears to be "OSX works? My iPhone works? Cool everything works. Problem? It's your gear, buy a Macbook.

I'll try getting them to allow those URL's but I don't know how well that will go down.