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29-11-2001, 05:23 PM
I recall reading here how to doctor a flash screen, but cannot remember the method. On the Win98SE startup sceen the computer manufacturer has inserted an advertisment - which annoys me. Can anyone tell me where I can find and delete this. In the Registry?
Many thanks.

29-11-2001, 05:47 PM
Hi Bill,

The startup and shutdown screens are stored in the following files:

c:\logo.sys (Windows startup screen)
c:\windows\logow.sys (shutting down message)
c:\windows\logos.sys (safe to turn off message)

To edit these images, rename the .sys extension to .bmp and open using paintbrush (if files are not visible, set view to show all files). These images should be no more than 256 colours and 320 x 400 resolution. Once you have created your image, save and rename the extension back to .sys

Deleting logo.sys will cause Windows 98 to use the default screen stored in io.sys.

30-11-2001, 06:57 AM

Many thanks, worked like a charm. I've made a note in my little notebook. :-)