View Full Version : Samsung UA55EH6000 S/PDIF DTS output trouble

21-05-2013, 07:07 PM
I've had this TV for a while now, and really love it, apart from one thing that's been bugging me.

I had a Sony 46" before this, a lot older, with an optical S/PDIF output, that I connect to my Onkyo DTS receiver. On the old TV, any content on freeview that was in 5.1 or DTS would be sent from the TV to the receiver in the correct format, watching TV shows and movies in true 5.1 was fantastic.

This new Samsung says it's capable - you can read the specs here (http://www.samsung.com/nz/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/led-tv/UA55EH6000MXRD-spec).

With this TV - it still sends the audio, but it's not in surround. It just seems to be a stereo signal getting to the receiver. There is an audio output setting on the TV - this is set to Dolby Digital 5.1.....

OK and I've just fixed it. :blush: Turns out under audio 'additional options' there was an option to change between PCM and Dolby - I needed to change this. Might leave this, just in case anyone else comes across a similar issue.

Isn't it funny how gathering proper information to ask for help supplied the solution...