View Full Version : Laptop Standby doesn't work

29-11-2001, 01:43 PM
Gateway Solo 2500, W98. Would get bsod when attempting recovery from standby (standby via timeout, recovery by clicking power button). Gateway advised BIOS upgrade, but this hasn't helped; in fact the machine won't even attempt to recover now. I've also repartitioned, reformatted, and totally reinstalled W98 and tried every combination of BIOS and Windows Power Management settings that seems to make sense (and a few that didn't) while trying hard and soft ways of going into Standby, with and without AC power. I did notice that after manually invoking standby, the disk kept running for a while, and under no circumstances will the power LED start flashing as it should when the system is really in Standby. Does anyone know anything about the relationship between Windows and the BIOS with regard to this? Gateway don't seem able to solve the problem.