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29-11-2001, 12:56 PM
Can anyone help me with this problem?

I've recently migrated to Outlook 2000 from Outlook express. When in outlook express if I was suspect of a message I would right click
it and select properties/details/message source I could view the headers and message body as plain text. Very handy. It is documented in the second part
of this technical article.


As far as I can see it is not possible to do this in Outlook. I can view the headers by themselves, but not with the body. Any ideas anyone.
The M$ support site doesn't help, and M$ want $35 to talk to me.

29-11-2001, 03:54 PM
Try this:

View > Current View > Messages with Autopreview

This doesn't actually 'open' the email, but shows the first few lines of the email. Doesn't show the header, just the first 3 or 4 lines.

Hope this helps


29-11-2001, 04:00 PM
Not really what I'm trying to do sorry Mike. I would worry that previewing it like that could catch me this latest virus doing the rounds as well.
I want to see the complete email text including headers, html, or the plain text of an attached file before it is recoded to a file.
Thnaks Mike

29-11-2001, 04:05 PM
Did you try selecting the message and doing 'save as text'?? Maybe that might save the headers as well?

[Thanks Juha for that suggestion!]

29-11-2001, 04:22 PM
Unfortunately it doesn't save all the headers, and it won't allow me to look at a file as text before it is re-encoded.
Thanks for the help though.