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29-11-2001, 11:28 AM
Hi there

I have created a database in Access where a form is used to select data from a lookup table in Control boxes, using DropDown lists.

In the database's table, the fields all have Entry Required - Yes enabled.

When I go to close and update the form, I get a geeky warning telling me if a required field has not been completed BUT ...

I want to adjust the form so the user cannot move to the next field/control box in the form until the current one has been entered into with valid data i.e. a selection from the dropdown list.

If it makes a difference, the table listing has a Data Type value of 'Number' rather than Text, as the info required comes from a table with autonumber in the first column and the relevant selection (Text) in the second column.

Would changing my lookup table make a differnce?

Is there a macro I need to add to each to check its validity before it will procedd?

Is there a validation rule I need to know about?

Is Rob really the biggest geek since Clarke Kent?

In case you need ot know, the Lookup table has only 5 entries to select from: - Very Poor, Poor, Average, Above Average and Excellent.

Your help would be much appreciated.