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25-11-2001, 10:58 PM
1/ In IE5.5 the Favourite folders dont display alphabetically (except they do in 'Organise Folders').
If I right-click a folder for settings I can find no 'sort-by/alphabetic' etc in 5.5.

Is this setable someplace, or do I have to accept a random sort of folder names?

2/ If I rename or delete a preset Favourites folder (like 'Media', or 'Links') the change only stays during that 'session' ~ once I close IE & re-open another time the MS default folder names have returned, along with my own chosen ones which do remain.

Where can I get to overide/reset Bills' idea of what folder/names I want to use?


25-11-2001, 11:45 PM
Hi Bruce, If you select favourites using the menu button in the toolbar that also contains File Edit View Tools and Help and the right click on any folder in the list, you will find the 'sort by' item. It does not appear if you select favourites button with the icon in the toolbar with Back Forward Stop Refresh etc. HTH pc

26-11-2001, 12:02 AM
Ta Pete - what a relief!
But as for MS Bill, grrrr!


26-11-2001, 12:40 AM

in case you didn't get the reply in your other message way down the page... you cannot delete 'Media' or 'Links' from Favourites in IE5.5... you are given the choice to have them or not in IE6