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25-11-2001, 01:12 PM
My PC has got 4 SIMM and 2 DIMM slots. According to the memory installation chart, the maximum given in the DIMM slots is 64MB each. But in combinations, the maximum given is 384MB.

Key features say' supports 3 banks of EP/EDO SIMM/DIMM & SDRAM DIMM expandable memory up to 384 MB'.

I am using 64MB in the two DIMM slots at the moment.

Can I increase it to anything above 384 MB only by using SIMM slots that is, say 128MB each? Will it be against what is said regarding the expandable memory up to 384MB as said above?

25-11-2001, 02:07 PM
Hi again Mukesh,

It is very difficult to get hold of large Simm modules. 64mb modules do exist, and it is probably possible to purchase a pair from www.trademe.co.nz. If you have a maximum of 384, and a total 128mb of that is in the dimm's, there must be a maximum of 128mb in each pair of simms. Do you know that simms must be in pairs? Ie the first two simms (bank 0 and bank 1) could both contain a 64mb simm, and bank 2 and 3 could contain 32mb each. However it is not possible to put different size modules in paired banks, so 64mb in bank 0 and 32 in bank 1 would not work. Dimms do not require this.

Another thing to note is that although many boards have support for two types of ram, only some allow both to be used at once (we have established that your board can do this), but very very few boards are able to make a good job out of using both at once, and you may find that your machine crashes a lot, or is unstable. If this turns out to be a problem, check the speeds of each type of ram, and go with the faster type (probably dimms, although they may be the same).

26-11-2001, 07:28 PM
Hi Erin. Thank you so much. This time again, it was so much helpful.