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25-11-2001, 12:20 PM
Hi all,
can anyone tell me how to set up sky digital (which is already set up to TV) through a vcr?
thanks in advance


25-11-2001, 12:42 PM
You don't mention digital or analogue. But either way, just connect the sky outgoing signal to inbound on video. Tune one channel on video to the output signal (pick a channel on decoder, and you'll know when you see it on the tv, have your tv set to channel it uses to get sky). You replace the aerial in on the vid with sky cable, and put the aerial in cable into the decoder or through a double adaptor into the vcr.
Do your channel changing on the sky remote.
Piece of cake.

25-11-2001, 12:59 PM
you can connect via scart lead or normal av lead to the av input on the video(a must do if you have a stero video)
or connect via the rf lead.

connect aerial in to sky, output from sky to input vid and output vid to tv.
tune sky in on a channel on video machine(uhf band)
if it looks poor quality the video outout may be conlicting with the sky out put or you have the sky box that has the faulty rf pass through on it. if thats the case and you don't have a little white box that was installed with the sky decoder see sky tv or an aerial technician.

hope that helps ;-)

26-11-2001, 10:05 PM
Is easy,You just got the sky digital with the satellite dish??...On the back of the sky is 2 ways you can connect.
The first is with a scart to 3 pin rca lead (thats what you ask for)on the back of your video you should see a set of plug inputs...yellow = picture...white = sound left & mono sound....red = sound right. On the back of the decoder is a set of these plugs too but use scart if possible cause its a better way. The leads from your scart plug will be colour coded to match or labelled. Just hook them up to the input or AV in sockets in the back of your video and you will get picture through your AV channel on your video. If you get nothing then you may have to go into the sky menu and change things...dont play with this yourself....you can really stuff it up easily in there. If you have more probs then answer to this message and I will email you.