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20-04-1999, 08:33 PM
Ever since I upgraded to IE 5.0 I have experienced frequent occasions when the webpage I call up either doesn't show at all (even though the status bar tells me its found the page), or I get some of the webpage and some source code, or just some source code (e.g. <A HREF='/PCWorld/pressf1.nsf/5e297177204df3f24c25664a00133d01/d44250c). Additionally, I frequently get a message in the status bar telling me there is an error with the page. I'm not suggesting its IE 5.0 related, its just started happening since the upgrade. It could of course be my error in the settings I'm currently using. I can't believe it is an internet/comms problem, as sometimes it can effect as much as 75% of the webpages I'm trying to access.
If its pertinent, I'm running a Pentium II 350 with 128 MB RAM.