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23-11-2001, 04:09 PM
I'm going to Australia soon (Dec 4) and want to know where to by computer parts over there - in the Sydney and Gold Coast Area. Secondly is it likely to be any cheaper over there (it cheaper at all with exchange rate etc) and if so is it actually worth getting the parts in OZ?.


23-11-2001, 06:00 PM
When I was last over there computers were about the same price as New Zealand, however, by the time exchange rates were taken into account they were actually quite expensive.

23-11-2001, 08:48 PM
You may save a bit of dosh buying in Oz, but how much will it cost when whatever you buy turns to custard and you try and get a warranty validated.

Remember the underarm bowling incident!
Don't trust 'eeem ees far ees a deeengo can speeet cobber!!

29-11-2001, 09:09 PM
Howdy Ashley

I live in Newcastle, which is about an hours drive north of Sydney, depending on where you are ...

We have markets here at least twice a month, and that's where nearly all the techos I've met grab their parts ... 128mb sticks of Hyundai RAM are about $30, components are definitely cheaper than retail outlets ... one guy I know puts together units with Gigabyte motherboard (266 bus),AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz chip & fan, 256MB PC 133 RAM, 40GB hard drive, CD-ROM, Floppy Disk drive, Creative Vibra sound card, ATX midi tower case, Keyboard & mouse (PS/2), 15? digital monitor and sells the lot with full warranties for $1500 to very happy customers ... that is Oz dollars, but considered a good deal for the specs ...

Also ... and this is a MUST if you get to Sydney ...

As soon as you touch down, go to Coles Supermarket and buy the Computer Market magazine for $2.45 ... it lists umpteen outlets where you can get totally awesome goodies for your bucks ... I do a lot of comparitive research and this rag comes up with some excellent deals ...

... and remember ... the underarm bowl has been assigned to another case of the chronic jandal wearers in a momentary lapse of reason ... we're still pretty p**sed at the Captain who ordered it too, and he still isn't welcome at McDonalds ...

Hope you have a good trip over


30-11-2001, 01:16 PM
Could you tell me where this coles supermarket place is please?

Im gonna be in Metro Sydney, on Pitt Street, so if you could offer any directions thatd be great.

Thanks for your advice.