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23-11-2001, 01:03 AM
My brother just got a computer (auction, so he can't take it back to the shop) which works brilliantly, apart from one thing. It has a dual USB port (built on, not on a card) but he can't get his scanner to work on it. Windows 98, and now ME detects the port fine, its all working normal in system properties, detects the scanner, but when he tries to scan it tells him the USB is not powered. Can anyone share any light on this? If you need more info I'll have to chat with my brother

23-11-2001, 09:13 AM

Does the scanner have separate power? Is that turned on? I'd be surprised if USB could power a scanner on it's own, but thought I should ask.

Other USB devices work on it?

Is he wearing the correct pocket protector while he works on it?


23-11-2001, 09:28 AM
Yeah, the scanner has its own power supply, and that's plugged in and turned on. And its not the power plug, cause its happened in two different places (two different cities now)...

it detects my printer okay, but I didn't have the CD to load the drivers, so we couldn't test it... maybe next time LOL

And yes, I was wearing the Binford 6400 Pocket Protector with MORE POWER!