View Full Version : intel or chicony

22-11-2001, 09:52 PM
Hi, i'm currently looking at four cameras at the moment: Chicony dc100 & Chicony dc350 and intel easy web cam and intel pocket camera. For the chinony and intel web cam, i'm not looking to spend more than 90 bucks plus gst or the pocket for 250, however i do not want to be the same as sy who you guys would know always want cheap stuff, i believe that quality is most important so at the moment the price i've got are,

Chicony dc100 for 55
Chicony dc350 for 89
intel easy web cam for 70
intel pocket for 250

i have been looking at these for quite a while, and so they are really the only ones i've ended up with. i've lloked at logitech etc. but however still like these one, should i go for the intel or chicony (less interested in intel pocket) is Chicony better? intel looks to me as it is better? what's your suggestion? i do not however want the same poducts but more expensive than the price, so if any one's got a better price can you let me know too?