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22-11-2001, 02:58 PM
Dear Customer,

Thanks for your e-mail regarding your connection slow down of late.
The problems you have experienced in recent weeks are due to several factors, some of these beyond out control.

Firstly, we have been informed that one of our major upstream providers have been faced with major bandwidth issues as they make changes to their servers, informing Actrix that a noticeable slow down will be experienced in certain areas, but the Internet should remain in a useable state.

This coupled with an unexpected surge in International Traffic usage has been causing the slow down in our network.
As you have noticed, the excessive load being placed on the network, is resulting in intermittent connection failure, and reduced download speeds.
The exceptionally high network connections have at certain times run to the limits of our bandwidth and this causes the slow traffic problems.

We are very aware of this issue and at this time are implementing further increases to our bandwidth and modems to cope with this situation, some areas have noticed slight improvements over the last week with what we have managed to introduce so far. There could be slight improvements in the next few weeks however I do not foresee any significant improvement until our major additions take place, unfortunatley this will be approximatley 4 weeks before the full introduction of modems and bandwidth will take place.

Actrix sincerely apologies for the significant inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience in this situation. We can assure you that this problem is of highest priority at this time.

Stephen Trayhorne
Actrix Networks - Customer Support Supervisor
s.trayhorne@actrix.co.nz 0800-228749

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From: russell finch
To: Actrix Support Stephen Trayhorne
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 5:23 PM
Subject: Re: Helpdesk enquiry from: Russ Finch

I am writing to inform you that we haven't had any improvement in our downloading ability, our average download speed for one local internet page is 5mins in a slow period of time.
The overseas pages are running at .4 on a bad day and .7-.9k bits/min on a good day. Consequently the account usage has gone through the roof!
The daughters Hot mail is taking anything up to 5 mins just to connect!
I would therefore wish to ask for a rebate from Actrix for this month and a explanation as to why this has happened.
The last explanation said that this arrangement would only last for a week ??- That was 26 of Oct. I haven't seen anything on the 'news' section of your Web page so is this 'local'.
Russ Finch

I think that I'm getting sent 'a Line' what's the greneral view of this , what should I do?

22-11-2001, 03:13 PM
They have obiviously oversubscribed.

Join 'World-net' and neverlook back.

22-11-2001, 03:24 PM
I have experienced a number of problems with Paradise over the last month or two also.

Changing to a better modem helped give more stability but I am convinced that Paradise has not up-scaled their bandwidth to match an increasing userbase.

Perhapn most annoying of all, at least from my point of view (a dedicated customer with two dial-up accounts with Paradise) is that their tech support does not make any effort to acknowledge network problems on their site. It is a guessing game as to whether or not they are experiencing problems.

Still, I tried another ISP a while back and it was worse so I'll stay with Paradise and just hope they get their act together. They remain one of the better ISPs in NZ.